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Personality Disorders
If you have been diagnosed with a personality disorder, you may still be dealing with your feelings around this. Some people find their diagnosis overwhelming and worry that they have been given a negative label. Others are relieved to have an explanation for how they feel about themselves and others. It is not uncommon to feel both at the same time. Some people have felt for a while that there is something different about the way they experience life and relationships, and have done some research into possible reasons for this. Counselling can help you identify and explore any of the differences you may be worried about, and look at the options for having a diagnosis by a psychiatrist.

If you have a diagnosed personality disorder, we can use counselling to support you in dealing with everyday life, by giving you a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings, and understand why they are so overwhelming. Counselling can also help you identify further sources of support, such as specialised therapy through the NHS, and local support groups. If a particular therapy has been suggested for you, we can use our time to look at how it might work for you, and what you would like to gain from it. Whilst there is no quick fix for personality disorder, it is clear now that certain therapies do help people to address, live with and manage their symptoms, and they are designed to be accessible to all.

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