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Counselling via Video, Email and Messaging

Online Counselling is ideal for those who find it hard to get to a counsellor for in person sessions, whether it is because they are working from home, are in a more remote location, or lack transport. It is also useful for those who are unable to attend in person sessions for more complex reasons, such as mental health issues (e.g. agoraphobia, social anxiety) or physical health and mobility issues.

For anyone seeking online counselling, it is important to look for a counsellor who is properly trained in the different kinds of online counselling, and can manage anything that might come up around the online counselling space and technical issues, as well as identity and presence in the online setting. Having completed a long-term certified course with the Online Therapy Institute, I am qualified to work with clients online and provide the best environment for them, and for the issues they wish to work on. The Online Therapy Institute is at the forefront of online therapy, and advises professional bodies such as the BACP on training and qualifications for online counsellors.

Video Counselling
For clients who prefer to see and hear their counsellor, yet have the freedom to choose where they have their session, I offer video counselling using Bluejeans secure video conferencing. Clients can opt to have their session at home, at work, or even in a quiet outdoor space that they find comfortable. It is important that you are able to find the time and space to talk about your problems without worrying about being interrupted or overheard. Bluejeans works on both PCs and smartphones, using either the app or a secure website link.

Email Counselling
Email counselling is provided through Hushmail, which is guaranteed to be secure enough for the sharing of personal information. Email counselling is ideal for people who are happier working through their issues using the written word. Clients have the option of a 50-minute session of email exchange, or an agreed wordcount for one or more emails that is read and replied to by the counsellor as agreed at the outset. It is ideal for those who like to take time to think about their feelings and relationships, and write about them in their own time without feeling pressurised by a 1:1 situation.

Counselling via Chat and Messaging
For clients who prefer a live conversation using chat or messaging. Chat takes place over a 50-minute session, as it would in face-to-face therapy. If you are interested in using this option, please ask for more information. I will be happy to explain more about the platform I use, and how chat and message-based counselling can work for you.

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