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Counselling for sexual abuse and rape
Counselling for sexual abuse or rape gives you a safe space in which to express the complicated emotions that can arise when you start to think and talk about what happened to you. You may have times when you dissociate (mentally "check out" of a situation or conversation). You may also have symptoms of trauma. If you have decided that now is the right time to address what happened, how it affected your past and present, and how it will affect your future, I can support you using my experience and skills in working with victims and survivors. I work with survivors of all ages - from young adults to older people - using scientific knowledge of how our brains are affected by abuse and trauma, and how therapy can help with this.

Counselling for mental health issues and disorders
If you have been diagnosed with a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression, counselling can help you decide how you want to deal with it, and we can look at strategies and techniques to help with this. We can also talk about the life events that may have contributed to this, and find ways to make sense of and move past them.

If you have been diagnosed with a more complex disorder, you may feel overwhelmed and 'labelled'. Counselling can help you explore what the diagnosis means for you and your life, and how you can take ownership of living your life with it. A well-managed disorder is not a life sentence, and does not have to stop a person leading the kind of life they want to, or having good relationships with the important people in their lives .

Counselling for life changes
Life changes and transitions happen for all of us, sometimes at expected times of our lives, sometimes out of the blue. Whether you are dealing with an expected change (e.g. leaving the family home, retiring from work) or living through something unexpected, counselling can help you deal with the natural feelings that arise at such a time. If you are looking to identify and make a change in your life, counselling - combined with life coaching - can provide the space for you to explore your ideas and options before making your life changes.

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