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Who am I?

Can I change? What do I want?
Self and identity are often complex ideas, and people have come up with many different theories to understand who we are, how we feel, and why we do what we do. You may have reached a point in your life where you want to explore a particular part of your self, or understand more about who you are, and how you came to be the person you are. For many people, this is a starting point for moving forward as the person they want to be.

Some people reach a point in their lives where their idea of who they are no longer makes sense, and all the things that helped to define them don't seem right or enough. They might wonder how to move forward from this point, and worry about making changes.

Personal therapy can help you answer questions around your identity, make decisions and changes around the answers you find, and support you in deciding how you want to express your self.

Life Direction and Change
Life changes and transitions happen for all of us, sometimes at expected times of our lives, sometimes out of the blue. Whether you are dealing with an expected change (e.g. leaving the family home, retiring from work) or living through something unexpected, counselling can help you deal with the natural feelings that arise at such a time. If you are looking to identify and make a change in your life, counselling - combined with life coaching - can provide the space for you to explore your ideas and options before making your life changes.

Your life might recently have been affected by COVID-19 and all the issues that came with it. Whilst these changes might not have been your choice, you may want to find a way to see them as positive. We can work together to help you look for the opportunities among the problems, and find a pathway through what might look like an uncertain future. This is a chance for you to explore what you want fron your life, work and relationships.

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